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liberation-fonts: Fonts to replace commonly used Microsoft Windows Fonts

Name:liberation-fonts Vendor:
Version:0.1 License:GPL
Release:5.EL.fc6 URL:
The Liberation Fonts are intended to be replacements for the three most commonly used fonts on Microsoft systems: Times New Roman, Arial, and Courier New.

Arch: src

Build Date:Tue May 15 11:34:05 2007
Packager:Richard Monk <rmonk{%}redhat{*}com>
Size:628 KiB


* Tue May 15 12:00:00 2007 Eric Lassauge <lassauge{%}users{*}fr{*}net> - 0.1-5
- Bumped release to 5 for my version on FC6
* Wed Apr 25 12:00:00 2007 Meethune Bhowmick <bhowmick{%}redhat{*}com> 0.1-4
- Require fontconfig package for post and postun
* Tue Apr 24 12:00:00 2007 Meethune Bhowmick <bhowmick{%}redhat{*}com> 0.1-3
- Bump version to fix issue in RHEL4 RHN

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