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glew: The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library

Name:glew Vendor:
Version:1.3.4 License:BSD
Release:1.EL.FC5 URL:
The goal of the OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (GLEW) is to assist C/C++ OpenGL developers with two tedious tasks: initializing and using extensions and writing portable applications. GLEW provides an efficient run-time mechanism to determine whether a certain extension is supported by the driver or not. OpenGL core and extension functionality is exposed via a single header file. GLEW currently supports a variety of platforms and operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Darwin, Irix, and Solaris.

Arch: src

Build Date:Tue Jun 27 17:02:16 2006
Packager:Éric Lassauge <lassauge{%}users{*}sf{*}net>
Size:357 KiB


* Tue Jun 27 12:00:00 2006 Eric Lassauge <lassauge{%}users{*}sf{*}net>
- Updated for FC5 and version 1.3.4
* Tue Jan 17 11:00:00 2006 Eric Lassauge <lassauge{%}users{*}sf{*}net>
- Created based on Mandriva (simplified building)
* Thu Aug 25 12:00:00 2005 Per Øyvind Karlsen <pkarlsen{%}mandriva{*}com> 1.3.3-4mdk
- fix buildrequires (fixes #17848)
- fix library-not-linked-against-libc

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