faubackup: FauBackup

Name:faubackup Vendor:Martin Waitz <tali{%}admingilde{*}org>
Version:0.5.9 License:GPL
Release:1.EL.FC5 URL:
This Program uses a filesystem on a hard drive for incremental and full backups. All Backups can easily be accessed by standard filesystem tools (ls, find, grep, cp, ...) Later Backups to the same filesystem will automatically be incremental, as unchanged files are only hard-linked with the existing version of the file.

Arch: i686

Build Date:Tue Oct 31 18:02:32 2006
Packager:Eric Lassauge <lassauge{%}users{*}sf{*}net>
Size:69 KiB


* Tue Oct 31 11:00:00 2006 Eric Lassauge <lassauge{%}users{*}sf{*}net> - 0.5.9-1
- First release

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